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Nioxin_Treatment_Hair_Style_Adelaide_Crew_Hair_Style_AdelaideA specialist treatment range for thinning hair from early stages of thinning to advanced hair loss. For all hair types from fine to coarse, including natural or coloured hair. Visit the NIOXIN website to assess your scalp condition.




Proper hair care has become an important part of everyone’s beauty regimen. For this reason, there are many companies in the market coming out with shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments to improve hair quality and hair texture. Nioxin is one such company that mainly deals with scalp and hair care. The main goal of this company has been to find a solution to the widely growing problem of thinning hair that many people face these days. Nioxin treatment is said to be very effective and has been formulated by the most experienced team of researchers who have developed the most advanced systems in order to address this problem and improve the appearance of thinning hair.

The Systems available are based on eight different hair types. These systems aim at improving the quality of thinning hair and its appearance. Each system follows three steps, one being Nioxin cleanser, the second being Nioxin scalp therapy and lastly, the Nioxin treatment for the scalp. Each system is designed to cater to every different individual hair type and bring out the maximum potential by providing just what one is in need of. The Nioxin cleanser provides nourishing vitamins, amino acids and proteins and acts as a daily volumiser that gently removes residue and dirt from the hair and scalp thus ensuring a healthy scalp environment.

The Nioxin scalp therapy is a moisturising hair conditioner which has soothing essential oils, enzymatic complexes and special anti oxidants. This helps in improving resilience and improves the skin on the scalp. The Nioxin treatment for the scalp is a daily leave in conditioner that enriches the scalp and hair nourished with nutrients, vitamins, essential botanicals and antioxidants. This safeguards the scalp against residue and dandruff.

Nioxin Shampoo and Nioxin scalp therapy are designed in such a way that they ensure fuller and thicker hair growth. So, if you are suffering from fine or thinning hair then Nioxin salon products is the ideal solution for you. Sebum is a naturally occurring oily substance produced around the follicle of each hair strand and the Nioxin shampoo works by dissolving and removing the sebum. Another recommendation for anyone with a low-density hairline and excessively thin looking hair would be the Nioxin follicle booster. This is a leave in scalp treatment which not only improves the thickness of thin looking hair areas but also prevents the phototoxic effects of sunlight. The scalp respiratory complex also known as SRC improves scalp cell activity and protects the scalp from damaging free radicals. With the Nioxin follicle booster, your problems are solved! You end up feeling more beautiful which in turns increases your confidence.





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