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Hair Perms Services Adelaide Hair Salon

Perms are incredibly popular, as this is a great way to add bounce, curls and body to your hair. With perms, it is possible to make straight hair curly or wavy, increase the fullness of soft and fine hair and just make it easier to manage your hair.

Those with fine and limp hair should really consider adding curl to their hair with perms. Today, you not only find tight and poodle type curls for your hair, you can also find a variety of curl sizes to choose from. There are small rollers to large rollers, where large rollers give soft curls, and small rollers provide a spiral look.

Not only do those with straight hair find perming outstandingly stylish, even those with naturally curly hair can tame their locks with perming. Simply by using a roller that is larger than the size of your natural curl, you can create fascinating curls and manage your locks better.

Perms can also be used for hair straightening. However this is a tedious and time-consuming process, where the stylist has to first apply a perming lotion to your hair and follow this with combing your hair, as long as directed by the lotion. Sometimes, as much as 20 minutes of combing will be required to straighten your hair. There are different types of lotions used for perming hair, and they can be acidic or alkaline in nature, depending on its pH. Alkaline lotions are better for resistant hair, Asian hair, and hair having low elasticity.

Acid wave lotions should be used on healthy hair having good elasticity, highlighted hair, damaged hair, tinted or fragile hair. These lotions are milder than alkaline perms and work at lower pH values. This helps reduce the swelling of the hair when perming and avoids the possibility of any damage to fragile hair when perming.

When you approach the stylist for perming your hair, your hair is first washed and then wound on a former, like a curler or rod. Then, perm lotion is applied to the hair wherein the scales of the cuticle open a bit to permit the lotion to flow under the cuticle into the cortex. This is when the lotion reacts with the keratin of the cortex while breaking the disulphide links found in and between protein chains. The hair then swells and softens, allowing the stylist to stretch your hair to reach the desired shape.

The perm lotion is then rinsed off after some time, and a neutralizing lotion is applied to your hair to reform all broken cross-links. With this, the hair hardens into its new and curlier shape. This is the most important part of the perming process.




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