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Adelaide Hair Services

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Adelaide Hair Services

 Anton's Adelaide Hair & Beauty bring you a professional and friendly environment. We are consistently known for quality styles and for giving you the look you want. All of our staff have expertise in a wide variety of cutting techniques, including scissor and razor cuts, slicing and texturising. They may even use more than method to achieve optimal results for each individual client. 


Our hair is a very important part of our appearance, one of the very first things noticed. Clean, shining hair offers an image of good health and vitality. A great cut that works with our facial features and hair texture enhances our appearance and gives us the added self-confidence so needed in today’s competitive world.

A skillful hair stylist understands what hair of a particular texture will do and will cut it to maximise its potential. Thin, wispy, fine hair can be layered to give it volume. Curly hair can be cut with the curl so that it cooperates without taking off in unpredictable directions on a humid day. A good cut will minimise the appearance of receding hairlines in men. A trusted stylist will be honest and never let you try to mimic the latest trend or fad unless your hair is suited to the style and the cut makes the most of your best facial features.

It takes knowledge and experience with hair colour to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking colour and to avoid damage to the hair. Many who have tried to do it at home with over-the-counter products have learned the hard way what can happen with ghastly clownish colour results and a head of fried, straw-like hair. Just like a great cut, great colour takes professional attention and skill.



When it comes to hair - especially for women - anything goes in an effort to make us feel beautiful. And often this effort means the pursuit of professional hair care - that service that will keep our hair healthy and looking great. Of course, such service comes at a price - some higher than others - but most find that it is more than worth the expense.

Professional services are simply part of our lifestyle - a necessary factor in keeping our bodies healthy. Just as we visit doctors for check-ups, dentists for professional cleaning, and ophthalmologists to make sure our glasses or contacts are up-to-date, so must we allow ourselves professional hair care to ensure the health of our hair.

Professional hair care typically requires a trip to a salon where your hair will be washed, conditioned, cut, and styled. Your stylist can assess the health of your hair and determine if you need a deep conditioning treatment and what cut will work best with your particular hair. Developing a long term relationship with a stylist allows you to know what you're getting when you walk in; it also allows the stylist to get to know your hair and subsequently learn what to look for in determining the health of your hair. Trimming the hair allows the hair to grow and keeps it healthy. If you do not trim your hair, the ends become split and your hair becomes dry, broken and brittle.

When it comes to styling, professional hair care treatment gives you insight into what looks best for your hair and around your face. It is important to seek out a stylist who has experience working with your type of hair; if, for instance, you have naturally curly hair, you want to find someone who is skilled in dealing with your type of hair. A haircut for curly hair is very different than a haircut for straight hair. A little bit of research will go a long way towards ultimately getting what you want.

For those who colour their hair, professional hair care is even more important. If done incorrectly, colour can damage your hair long term. A professional hair colourist can expertly treat your hair and help you decide what colour looks best on your hair and against your face.

Professional hair care may cost you some money; but it will be well worth it in maintaining the health and beauty of your hair.


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