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Spice up your life by experimenting with hair colours to look your best. An important aspect of hair colouring is whether to colour the entire hair or just highlight certain parts of it.

Hair_Neon_Adelaide_Colour_HighlightingSporting a trendy hair colour can be a wonderful fashion statement. If you can wear the right hair colour and carry it smartly, you are bound to impress the people around you.

There are numerous methods of colouring your hair. When you approach a hair colouring expert, there are many kinds of colours to select ranging from permanent, temporary and semi permanent, just to name a few.

You can also change your hair colours from time to time to get a refreshing look. Sticking to the same hair colour for years can take the appeal out of your appearance. To maintain a glamorous outlook, it is advisable to remove the former colour and again go for a new one. For that purpose, the knowledge of removing the colour is also a necessity. You can get in touch with a colour correction expert.




Hair highlighting is the latest fashion statement that adds beauty to natural hair by accentuating the focal point of the haircut. Nowadays, not only women, even men also go for highlights as this gives a stylish and elegant look, adding depth, dimension and expression. Hair highlighting is when hair dye is used to colour strands of hair of different sizes and in various locations throughout the head. Hair highlighting is classified into four different types: Foil highlighting, chunking, hair painting and low-lighting.

Foil highlighting is the most common, and it is where foil is used to separate and wrap strands of hair so the colour is not mixed with other strands. A brush is used to paint the colour onto the various strands. More than one colour can be applied with this method.

Hair painting is when a simple brush or comb is used to paint on colour.

Chunking is exactly what the name implies; it is when different sized chunks of hair are coloured.

Finally, low-lighting is the opposite of highlighting. It is when people who have lighter hair colour different strands a darker shade instead of lighter.

Solely one colour can be utilised with the cap method. In contrast, with foils, many colours can be applied at the same time. The cap technique may be faster, however. Partial highlights or tints are solely genuinely attainable with foils as they precisely apply the colour or bleach to the identical spot to be treated.

Should you desire to keep the look of your hair more natural, hair highlights will add to your hair and still do just that. The style and haircut that you have chosen will now be brought out and emphasised due to the highlights.

Advantages over Full Colouring

Perhaps one of the reasons that hair highlighting has become so popular is because it has many advantages over full hair colouring. A big setback of full hair colouring is that everyone can tell as soon as the natural hair colour starts to grow back out because it is all one colour and clashes very noticeably.

This is not the case with highlights. Since highlights only colour certain areas of the hair, it is hard to tell when the natural hair colour starts to grow back out because it never completely left. Also, since it is not very noticeable when natural colour starts to grow back, you do not have an obligation to keep up the hair treatment.

You can stop colouring whenever you like, which is not always the case with full colouring, because it can look so bad when the natural colour clashes with the dye colour.

How to Choose a Hair Highlight

When choosing a highlight colour, the most important factor to consider is your current hair colour. You want to choose a highlight that will naturally accent and contrast your hair. Also, you want to make sure that you are complementing skin tones. For example, blondes and brunettes usually will want to use ashy or beige shades for cool skin tones and caramel shades for warm skin tones. Next, you need to decide which type of highlighting you want. This will depend on what look you are trying to achieve with a free consultation with a professional hair colourist or stylist.

Highlights for a Special Occasion

Not all highlights have to be permanent. Since there are temporary highlights, it makes it easy for anyone to create different hair styles at any time during the year. In essence, any holiday can be spiced up with hair highlights, including red and green for Christmas, pink and yellow for Easter, and red and white for Valentine’s Day. For Halloween, consider black and orange highlights. Just do not be afraid to get creative. Remember, no matter what the occasion, hair highlights can be very beautiful, practical and useful.




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